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Honesty and Trust

As a parent I often ask my six year old son if he has cleaned his teeth. Sometimes he’s inclined to mislead me by saying, “hmmm….yes..?”. With a big [...]

What’s in a name?

Over my career I’ve had various job titles in sales: Account Executive Sales Manager Account Manager Business Development Manager Business Manager Client Management The names have changed, but the [...]

Don’t oversell the first meeting

I’ve recently met with several startups seeking to meet with large enterprises. It can be frustrating when a potential client does not want to meet with you. Particularly if [...]

It helps to sell if you like people

It helps to sell if you like people We have all met someone that has a force-field of contempt towards all other humans. They could be internal or external [...]

Constant Follow-up

One of the most overlooked things in sales is the constant follow-up with clients. You don’t have the positional-power of a manager to drive commitments, you need the power [...]

Put a smile on your dial

While completing my undergraduate degree in the late 1990’s, I took up a door-to-door commission-sales job that was run by my surfer-entrepreneur housemate. His business offered a service to [...]

What Machiavelli can teach us about long sales cycles

If you are a student of politics then you would be familiar with Niccolo Machiavelli’s book, The Prince. It’s one of the best books on diplomacy and avoiding “rookie” [...]

Get out of the weeds!

While selling into large organisations, have you ever wondered if the person you are dealing with is wasting your time? You keep calling them and they are willing to [...]

“Zero to One” will challenge your thinking

“The next Bill Gates will not build an operating system. The next Larry Page or Sergey Brin won’t make a search engine. Copying others takes the world from 1 [...]

How “Bob the Builder” can help Sales People

I’m currently reading this book by Daniel H. Pink, To Sell is Human.  Pink dismisses many of the selling stereotypes that rang true 50 years ago – but are [...]

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